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Leverage Your CRM Data with Trigger Marketing

With on-demand access to patient data, through various CRM integrations including - Sycle, Blueprint, CounselEAR and many more, BlueWing is able to implement set-and-forget patient-driven marketing efforts on your behalf. Our trigger-based programs allow you to set-up direct mail campaigns that automatically send to patients based on their actions or buying behaviors.

Integrating direct mail with innovative marketing technology allows for data-driven, automated messaging to target the right patients, at the right time, which improves response rates.


The Benefits of CRM Integration Include:

  • Trigger-based - Patient marketing plans developed by BlueWing and driven by up-to-date data feed from your CRM
  • Powerful reporting - BlueWing will matchback campaign response and demonstrate the path from lead to sale, showing your true return on investment
  • Weekly mail drops - Creates a steady flow of traffic while minimizing cancellations and no shows
  • No monthly fees or subscription costs - pay the price per piece and nothing more.
  • No third-party vendors. Creative, Data Science, Production and Fulfillment all in-house.
  • +Plus! The ability to target new patient groups based on the collection of current patient data.

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Choose From Various Trigger Campaigns:

  • Tested Not Treated
  • Return
  • Warranty Expiration
  • Happy Birthday
  • Annual Appt. Reminder
  • Clean & Check Reminder
  • Upgrade Eligibility
  • New Purchase Thank You Card


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