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6 Tips on How to Best Promote New Hearing Aid Tech

Effectively promote new hearing aid tech and innovations with BlueWing's expert marketing campaigns. Engage patients and entice them to upgrade their devices.

Hearing Care Marketing for the Holidays

Bring in more patients and hearing aid sales with holiday hearing campaigns. Help your patients hear better this season while boosting your revenue.

Strategic Communications to Encourage Patient Reviews

Strategizing a marketing plan based on your target audience, channels, communication timeline, and messaging helps raise your online patient reviews.

Hearing Aid Marketing for Patient Needs

BlueWing builds personalized hearing campaigns that are backed by robust data to target patients and prospects based on their hearing aid needs.

Are You Making the Most Out of Your CRM?

CRMs help hearing care practices collect patient and prospect information, this data can be strengthened by pairing the data with automated marketing.

Marketing Methods to Attract First-time Hearing Aid Users

Converting first-time hearing aid users can take some time but with consistent marketing, you can turn them into confident loyal patients.

Hearing Care Marketing in the New Year for 2022

Hearing care practices will want to make a big push for consistency, automation, and relevant content based on seasonality and patient interests.

Personalization In Marketing, Part 2: Targeted Social Ads

Here’s how you can get your messages to patients' mobile phones, increasing the reach of your integrated marketing campaigns on increasingly popular platforms.

Why Is Voice Search Engine Optimization Important To Your Practices' Success?

New Voice Search Technology

With the possibilities voice technology is virtually endless. One thing is clear: voice search is changing the way we do business and the way patients shop. In only a few short words or phrases, users can find what they want through several devices that support this feature. 

So, what does that mean for hearing practices? To simply put it, a huge return on investment if it's done correctly.

Leverage your CRM data with trigger marketing.

Let us help automate your direct mail campaigns.