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Direct mail

BlueWing Hearing Care uses direct mail as the backbone of our multi-channel marketing strategy. As one of many channels in a holistic marketing campaign, direct mail still has powerful pull in converting customers.

Half (50%) of consumers even PREFER direct mail to email, especially for local businesses.

The BlueWing Way

The first step in building a successful direct mail strategy is a deep dive into your local market. We perform an in-depth analysis to understand the profile of your current patient, the opportunity in the zip codes surrounding your practice while taking into account the personality of the geography.

Once we have all this information we can build localized direct mail plans for both patients and prospects.

  • Is your practice in an urban or rural setting?
  • How many competitors surround you?
  • What do local traffic patterns look like?

Current Patients

People who have already done business with you and trust you are the most important, most high-yield prospects for future services. We harness the power of your own database to properly segment and build communication strategies including:

  • Automated Trigger Communications. With on-demand access to your patient data through CRM integrations, BlueWing is able to implement set-and-forget patient-driven marketing efforts on your behalf. These can include birthday greetings, service mailings, annual hearing test reminders and warranty expiration notices.
  • Trade-in and up events, special financing promotions and buy-back events for users who may benefit from newer technology.
  • Strategic communication to people who have contacted your clinic, but have not ultimately sat for a hearing test and/or purchased hearing aids.

Consistent and relevant patient communications turn a one-time buyer into a loyal patient, maximizing their lifetime value for your practice. Our HIPPA compliant data ensures your business is protected and handled with the utmost care.


Based on data of your current customers, we build a custom mailing list targeted to your best prospects. Our lists are accurate, high-volume and cleaned frequently.

Every piece of mail we send is targeted, traceable and measurable. Fitted with a unique call tracking number and matched back to sales files, we know exactly how effective each mailing is. We send direct mail to the right prospects at the right frequency to keep your practice top-of-mind. Remember, if you’re not mailing them, your competition is!


We do it all. Our full service pricing includes:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Market analysis
  • Creative design of mailings
  • Data cleaning and purchasing
  • Printing and production
  • Postage
  • Call tracking line
  • Shipping
  • Results tracking

Leverage your CRM data with trigger marketing.

Let us help automate your direct mail campaigns.