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Why CTAs Matter

A call to action is an essential component of an successful marketing initiative. An effective CTA is concise yet compelling. An example of this is “schedule a hearing test and get 15% off of your selected device. Offer ends Sunday! Act now!” This CTA is attention-grabbing and concise. There are many reasons to use CTAs, but here are the most important ones:

CTAs Provide a Sense of Urgency

The call to action above never fails to entice buyers because it’s time-bound. This encourages a sense of urgency, which helps drive sales. Statements like “act now” and “call today” persuade prospective patients to take advantage of the offer as soon as possible. It may sound silly, but if you’re familiar with human psychology, you know that directing people on what action to take can reap big results.

CTAs Persuade

In food products, like cereal, milk, wine, and others, they administer a sensory test by giving free samples in grocery stores and supermarkets. People like to participate whenever they spot a freebie. For your hearing care practice, this means offering free consultations or a percentage off services in your CTA. Not only does this make your patients more apt to take action, it also encourages word-of-mouth, the oldest and most effective marketing tool.

CTAs Imply Exclusivity

Another great way to make your patient take action is to imply they are getting something exclusive with your offer. After all, everybody wants to feel they are getting the best bang for their buck. People will also feel as though they are part of a select group with the exclusivity implication. How do you make your offers feel exclusive? By using a strong CTA. Phrases like, “you’ve been selected,” “for your eyes only,” and “exclusive event” all do the trick.

When executed well, CTAs can take your buyer responses to the next level. For more tips on how to strengthen your CTAs, contact BlueWing Hearing today.


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