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Why Content is Still King

60% of content marketers admit to struggling with writing engaging content (MarketingProfs). If you’re struggling with writing good content to reach your patients, read on for a few tips.

Make Your Call To Action Matter

WordStream found that emails with a Call To Action had an increase in clicks of 371%. CTAs are an essential component of your marketing content. They are there to direct your patients to do something: schedule a hearing test. RSVP for an in-store hearing event. Like your Facebook page for hearing care specials.  How can you make CTAs work for you? Make them personal. Use “my” instead of “your” where possible, i.e. “schedule my hearing test today.” Use words that encourage action (schedule, click, call, contact, like, share, etc.). Make them time-bound (today, now, fast, etc.). By doing this, you get more conversions.  

Present Value, Quickly

Humans have a short attention span. You’ve got to attract their attention quickly with a compelling headline. Once you’ve got them interested, present your message concisely but effectively. How can you do this? Eliminate fluff – remove execessive adjectives, adverbs, and hyperbolic phrases. Put your most important content first, or the “nut graph” as it’s known in journalism. Since only 20% of people read past a campaign’s headline (CopyBlogger), if you feature the important content up top, you won’t have to worry about the message being missed.

Be Original

Not only will original content increase your website’s search ranking on Google, but it will resonate with your patients more than re-hashed, tired content. You and your competitors may write about the same topics like hearing health, the importance of annual hearing screenings and new hearing devices, but perspective, tone, and word choice can make your content stand out. Talk about your practice’s history, or your team’s experience. Write about how you’ve personally benefited from wearing hearing aids. Authentic content that supports your brand can build trust.  

We’ve all heard the phrase content is king, and in our multi-channel world, it’s more applicable than ever. If you’re ready to take your marketing content from mediocre to great, contact BlueWing Hearing today.


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