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Three Marketing Tips for Improving ROI

Spend money to make money. This ingrained maxim is known by all business owners. Every business makes investments. But the most important letter of that acronym is “R” for Return—you want to make sure smart investments pay you back.

There are many proven ways to help increase your ROI. But before planning and measuring results, you must first determine the goals. A clear marketing campaign identifies who it is targeting. While one campaign may simply be geared towards gaining first time patients, another may emphasize increased customer satisfaction.

Once you have clearly defined your goals and objectives, then you can truly begin to measure returns. Here are some sound tips that can help you see an improved marketing ROI in 2017:

1. Utilize Retargeting

Retargeting is the process of recapturing someone’s interest after they’ve already interacted with your brand. If a prospect browses through your website, we can collect information and IP addresses to promote your brand and ads directly back to them.

This increases the chance that a nonchalant browsing session converts a prospect into a real patient. Retargeting allows your marketing efforts to capture curious visitors and create a higher chance that they act.

2. Test Different Campaigns

Testing can allow practices specific opportunities to increase their marketing ROI. General A/B testing will send similar emails or campaigns to two different test groups, evaluating different subject lines, calls to action, or graphics, to see which has a greater response rate. Businesses can then tweak and test aspects of their marketing efforts, changing one aspect each time, to understand what is successful and where they can improve.

Hearing Care Practices with a true competitive edge use marketing professionals that have industry experience in building custom marketing campaigns. Instead of having to test every aspect of a campaign, our 25 years of experience in hearing care marketing has created efficiencies and a deep knowledge capital of the effectiveness of different campaigns.

3. Data Proves Results

So how do you measure your return on investment? At BlueWing Hearing Care we say data is the only irrefutable way. Our strategy is driven by data, and our results are proven by data. Our advanced reporting tools provide us with quantifiable feedback holistically and specifically for each campaign. Our proprietary reporting portal analyzes your marketing results and shows the most successful campaigns, tracking results from lead to sale.

If you want to see improved ROI on your marketing efforts and recognizable results for your business, call on the specialists at BlueWing Hearing Care.


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