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Three Marketing Tips for Improving ROI

Marketing Tips to Increase ROI

Each year businesses may decide to change their goals to adapt to changing customer demand. During this time, they will also examine the investments they made. To determine if smart investments were made, businesses, like your practice, will analyze their return on investment (ROI).

BlueWing, a Darwill company, has three marketing tips for improving ROI. Once you have clearly defined your goals and objectives, then you can truly begin to measure returns. Whether the campaign is focused on gaining first-time patients or increasing customer satisfaction – our proven methods will improve your ROI.

Utilize Rapid Retargeting

Rapid retargeting is a process to recapture an active patient’s or prospect’s interest after they’ve already interacted with your brand. It comes in handy when someone visits your website and does not convert. According to WordStream, 96% of the people visiting a website leave without taking any action. Rapid retargeting ads are the perfect method to send specific messaging to get them interested in the product or service again and convert the second time around. These ads are directed to the person based on what they were looking at on the website to remind them to take action.

For example, if someone is looking at hearing aids or hearing aid educational resources on your website, rapid retargeting can serve ads or send direct mail regarding the hearing aid model they were researching. Rapid retargeting can also work to convert new patients. Depending on what content the potential new patient views on your website, they may then be targeted with a free hearing screen or hearing aid fitting to encourage them to take the next step and make an appointment.

How we use rapid retargeting for our customers: We capture the active patient’s or prospect’s IP address and run it through our reverse IP append algorithm. This algorithm gives us more information about the person so that we can accurately target them with direct and digital ads based on what they browsed on your website. Using this method allows us to promote your brand and ads directly back to them and keep your services and products top of mind.

Rapid retargeting has the power to turn nonchalant browsing sessions into conversions. Curious web visitors now have a higher chance of acting and converting into real patients.

Test Different Campaigns

Testing different campaigns allow practices to discover new insights that will lend a hand to increasing their marketing ROI. For example, conducting A/B testing will allow you to discover which elements in the campaign may be contributing to its success and which do not. By gaining this understanding you can build a better, conversion-worthy campaign based on the insights gained from testing.

A/B testing works by sending similar emails, ads, or direct mail to two different test groups, evaluating different subject lines, calls to action, or graphics, to see which has a greater response rate. Practices can then tweak and test aspects of their marketing efforts, changing one aspect each time, to understand what is successful and where they can improve.

Another option is to rely on a marketing professional such as BlueWing for a true competitive edge. Instead of testing campaigns yourself, BlueWing builds custom marketing campaigns based on the insights we have gained in our 25 years of direct response marketing experience. We know what works and what doesn’t work and have a deep knowledge capital of the effectiveness of different campaigns.

Data Proves Results

After implementing new techniques and campaigns, you’ll want to ensure they are working. You can do this by analyzing your data to measure your ROI. At BlueWing, everything we do is driven by data. We use data to direct us in selecting target audiences, proven campaigns, and more.

Our advanced reporting tools provide us with quantifiable feedback holistically and specifically for each campaign. Plus, our proprietary reporting portal analyzes your marketing results and shows the most successful campaigns, tracking results from lead to sale.

Start Achieving a Higher ROI

Start seeing a higher ROI with BlueWing. With these tips and our guidance, your practice will see an improved ROI and clear results. Contact the experts today.


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