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Successful Direct Mail Generates Lunch & Learn Leads

Successful Direct Mail

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), it takes people seven years from the time they suspect they might have hearing loss to the time they seek treatment. Even with tools like WebMD and online hearing tests available at their fingerprints, people are afraid to know for sure if they’re suffering the effects of hearing loss.

Providing an inclusive space, where people can freely discuss their fears and concerns, can help break the stigma associated with hearing loss. That was Affordable Hearing LLC’s goal with its recent Lunch & Learn event, a free opportunity for patients and prospects to discuss the latest trends in hearing healthcare.

Affordable Hearing wanted to book the event with 40 interested guests in the South Carolina area but didn’t know the best route to take. When an opportunity arose to work with BlueWing, Affordable Hearing jumped at the chance to optimize its event marketing efforts and launch a successful direct mail campaign.


BlueWing started by analyzing all of Affordable Hearing’s available data on current customers — ages, incomes, distance from the storefront, and specific zip codes. With precise data models in place, BlueWing could then identify potential customers with a higher propensity to respond to hearing aid marketing, all because they looked very similar to Affordable Hearing’s current patients and clients.

Data modeling helps to eliminate prospects who would cost too much money to market to, or in Affordable Hearing’s case, bring to an event. BlueWing’s prospecting methods prevented an all too common mistake in direct marketing, spraying and praying, which finds small businesses spending valuable time and money to send mail to a mass group, hoping it finds its way to someone interested.

When Affordable Hearing first targeted prospects, they did so with very little prospect or market intelligence, delivering mail pieces to a large swath of area households, rather than those who would be most likely to respond. With BlueWing’s ranked and scored households, Affordable Hearing delivered pieces to a hyper-targeted prospect list, generating newfound interest and ensuring a fully booked Lunch & Learn event.


The successful direct mail campaign — consisting of 5,000 direct mail pieces — ran for a month with exceptional results of a 941% return on investment.

The pieces sent with BlueWing’s expertise resonated with the targeted prospects. They spoke uniquely to the lookalike audience and created a comfortable pathway into awareness around hearing care healthcare, no matter where the mail piece found them in their journey to treatment.

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