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What comes to mind when you think of Millennials? Is it smart-phone obsessed? Is it tech savvy? Is it avocado toast? Whatever comes to mind, the fact is Millennials aren’t the irresponsible teens the media makes them: they are between 20 and 36 years old and they represent 25% of the U.S. population (Millennial Marketing). While Millennials may not be your target demographic, according to the World Health Organization, 50% of people aged 12-35 are frequently exposed to unsafe sound levels. The damage these levels cause is permanent, meaning this generation is already feeling the affects of hearing loss. Additionally, most Millennials have parents that are 50+ years old, who have been struggling with hearing loss for some time. By marketing to Millennials now, not only are you reaching those young outliers who need hearing aids for themselves, but you are also reaching people who can nudge their parents to take action and schedule hearing exams.

Here’s how to market to Millennials:

Direct Mail

While you may be quick to write this cohort off as tech junkies, don’t forget the power of direct mail. According to Marketing Profs, 84% of Millennials look through their mail regularly, and 64% prefer to receive useful information through the mail. How can you tap into this desire? Keep your messaging targeted and authentic. Present value to Millennials right away with verbiage like “20% percent off hearing devices,” “free hearing test,” and more. Make your direct mail visually appealing, and add a powerful call to action.


Millennials are digital natives – most of them don’t know what it’s like growing up without the Internet. Because of this, they are often the first to adopt new digital trends and will be the first to know if your digital marketing needs work. What’s your marketing next move? Like direct mail, be sure to keep your messaging personalized. Layer your direct mail strategy with digital channels like PPC and SEO. Finally, since 55% of Millennials perform all Internet searches on their phone (, it’s important that your website is mobile optimized.

Social Media

According to Smart Insights, 63% of Millennials actively follow organizations on social media. What does this mean for you? Be sure your practice is active on all major social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Include your contact info, photos of your practice and team. Encourage your patients to leave positive reviews. Take time to fully engage with your patients on social media by responding to messages in a timely manner.

By mastering these tools to connect with Millenials, you can lay the groundwork to acquire new patients, young and old. For more tips on how to use omni-channel marketing methods to reach Millennials, contact BlueWing Hearing today.


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