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Marketing Trends For 2018

A New Year means new marketing trends. That’s why we’ve put together this list so your hearing aid practices can use these trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Content Themes

In order to rank higher on pages like Google, you’ve got to think of what content themes you want your content to fall under.

Think about how books are arranged, whether in a library or on an online bookstore, they are arranged according to their genre. Or how a magazine divides its sections to different kinds of topics. Start imagining the same thing for your content.

Search engines now don’t just rely on keywords. Isolated keywords won’t do much to improve your page authority, but a cluster of content, like, say hearing care and wellness, will get you moving up in page rank. This tactic is called a “content pillar” and it’s quickly becoming the top SEO trend.

Paid Reach

As competition improves their online marketing game and filtering options become more sophisticated, the space in organic reach becomes more crowded. While paid reach doesn’t mean you should ignore your organic efforts, using PPC and similar techniques are a great way to get your practice in front of new patients. What is PPC? It’s a technique that allows you to reach a broader audience buy paying a fee every time your ad is clicked.


People are now switching from using their PCs and laptops as their main device for internet access to the more convenient mobile phone. Now, having a mobile responsive website is essential for success. Unsure if your website is responsive? Speak to the experts at BlueWing today. Our team has years of web design experience <link to web design page>. We’ll ensure your website is ready to be viewed on all platforms.

There are several new and exciting trends for marketing in 2018. To learn more and find out how you can use these to help your hearing practice, call BlueWing Hearing Care at (708) 689-3395.


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