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Marketing with Hearing Aids

In 2017, a federal law was passed aimed at regulating over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. According to WebMd, the law which will “designate a new FDA-regulated category for over-the-counter hearing aids,” won’t be enacted until 2020. Despite this, the conversation about the sales of OTC hearing aids has already begun. Many consumers wonder if the devices will offer them the same range of hearing at a cheaper price point. Device makers may be wondering how much the regulations will affect the sales of their products. Audiologists wonder whether over-the-counter hearing aids will affect their bottom line.

At BlueWing Hearing, we work to help our clients stand out, whether they are competing against other practices or the impending reality of OTC hearing aids. That’s why we’ve put together these marketing techniques to help your practice shine.

Make it Personal

Studies have shown that customers prefer more personalized marketing. To provide this, we recommend segmenting your data lists based on customer behavior, geographic location, and more. Additionally, it is important to make sure your patient data lists are up to date. These things will help you reach your customers in a more personalized manner.

Make it Eye-Catching

Humans have an attention span of 8 seconds, so your design must be unique and quickly digestible in order to set your practice apart. Be sure that your marketing is visually appealing no matter the medium. Additionally, feature compelling content to let patients know what type of hearing aids you offer and who you are. Finally, adding a prominent call to action (CTA) lets your patients know what to do after reviewing your piece.

Make it Multichannel

According to Autopilot, 72% of people say they want to connect with organizations in a multichannel way. The more channels you use to reach your customers, the more likely they are to remember you and the more likely they are to respond. We recommend using direct mail in tandem with email and another digital marketing technique such as paid social ads.                    

When OTC hearing aids hit the market next year, some of your patients will likely ask you about them. Show the value that your practice brings to your patients in terms of your expertise, quality of care, and product knowledge for that patients individual hearing loss needs. If you’ve done your patient marketing right, your patients will know the differences between a OTC hearing device and those that your practice sells.

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