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Make an Impact with Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

Make an Impact with Direct Mail and Digital Marketing

How is your hearing care practice standing out from the rest? In an increasingly digital age, you may wonder if it's best to put all your effort into digital marketing. However, your patients are inundated with digital communications every day. From emails, social media ads, targeted ads, and display ads, the average person sees around 10,000 digital ads daily.

Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you should use a healthy balance between digital and direct mail. The experts at BlueWing Hearing Care, a Darwill company, recommend pairing the two to create an impactful omnichannel experience.

Impactful Direct Mail

A tangible, physical piece of mail is often more impactful than other forms of marketing. The reason being is that mail breaks through the digital noise. Targeted personalized mail pieces are engaging, make the patient feel seen, and help your practice stand out. 73% of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail because they can read it whenever they want. Physical mail is often held onto longer to reference later, whereas email can be deleted or sent to spam immediately. That means your patients and prospects can hang the mail on their fridge and come back to it later to easily find the information they need when they require hearing care.

Cut Costs with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a popular channel to reach target audiences because of its low price. Incorporating digital into your practice's strategy can be beneficial in cutting marketing costs. Digital is quick to produce and push out across email, social media, search engine result pages, and other areas.

You will also see a higher ROI with digital when paired with BlueWing’s expansive consumer data. By utilizing consumer data, we can better target your patients and prospects with a personalized ad. Smart targeting raises ROI while keeping the digital ad at a low cost. Plus, you don’t have to have separate lists for direct mail and digital, improving message consistency and getting seen across channels.

Another advantage is the ability to re-engage patients and prospects that looked at your website in a matter of seconds by retargeting them with an ad for hearing aids or other hearing care services. Retargeted website visitors are more likely to convert by 43%. BlueWing can help you incorporate this tactic with our Rapid Retargeting product that converts website visitors into loyal patients. 

Impactful Omnichannel Marketing

To strengthen brand awareness and reach your target audience, your practice needs a balance of direct mail and digital marketing. Building an omnichannel strategy will ensure that people see your hearing care practice's name across multiple platforms for the highest impact. A consistent brand experience on every channel makes your brand recognizable to patients and prospects.

You can merge digital capabilities with direct mail to stand out and encourage patients to interact with your marketing messages. BlueWing can help you do this by:

  • Incorporating QR codes to mail pieces so you can track the piece's effectiveness with digital tools.
  • Providing a digital coupon or offer on your mail piece that the recipient needs to interact with to get the discount.
  • Following up with an email a week or two after sending mail.
  • Adding a personalized URL on the mail piece to measure and retarget the recipient.

Reach Patients and Prospects on Every Channel

Combining direct mail and digital marketing will help you reach patients and prospects on every channel. We know building a balanced marketing mix for your target audience can be a daunting task. Let the experts at BlueWing help. We'll craft an impactful omnichannel strategy to increase ROI and grow your practice. Let's work together!


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