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Hearing Care Marketing for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and it's time to craft hearing care marketing campaigns that speak to your patients this season. Holiday marketing done right can help your practice see a steady flow of set patient appointments and hearing aid sales.

If you don’t have a plan for your holiday marketing, BlueWing, a Darwill company, can help. We'll set you on the right path with proven, festive campaigns that will drive revenue.

Need some inspiration to get started? Here's what you can do to help your patients hear the magical sounds of the season.

Craft Targeted Messaging for Patient Needs

Your campaign's messaging must be spot-on to achieve the results you want. Think about what your patients need most and what will improve their holiday season. During this time of the year, people gather with family and friends. They are laughing, bonding, listening to music, and connecting. In your messaging, inform them how your hearing care professionals can help them stay connected to their loved ones by solving their hearing issues.

Use emotion in your text to hit home with patients and how hearing issues can cause them to miss out on holiday memories and conversations. Include content about evaluations, custom treatment plans, getting started with hearing aids, and hearing aid maintenance to get patients ready for all their upcoming events and gatherings.

Create a Compelling Offer

In addition to messaging, you'll want to create a compelling offer to get people to act. Push them to take the next steps to better their hearing and get it taken care of before their guests arrive. You can create offers for complimentary evaluations, manufacture rebates, device fitting, hearing aid cleaning, and other deals to entice patients to make appointments. Valuable offers such as these are hard to pass up.

Patient Referral Marketing

Hosting a holiday hearing referral event is another option to gain leads and more business this season. You can encourage existing patients to refer prospects to your practice during this event. Patient referral events benefit both your practice and the patient. They get a special offer or discount, making them feel appreciated, and your practice will see a rise in leads and the opportunity to convert prospects into loyal patients. Referral marketing is trusted by 86% of consumers, making it the most trusted form of marketing. You can leverage this by leaning on your patients to spread the word and recommend your practice to family and friends.

Get in the Spirit with BlueWing Hearing Holiday Campaigns  

Make the most of the merriest time of the year by improving your patient's quality of hearing and maintaining a steady flow of appointments and revenue. Get started by taking small steps like crafting targeted messages, creating compelling offers, and hosting referral events. Boost your campaigns with BlueWing's marketing tactics and make the holidays more enjoyable for those experiencing hearing impairments.

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