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Hearing Aid Marketing for Patient Needs

Hearing Aid Marketing for Patient Needs

Hearing aid marketing may sound simple, but when you think about the scope of hearing conditions and use cases for hearing aids, you’ll find that there’s more to it.

At BlueWing Hearing Care, a Darwill Company, we take a deep dive into patient data to discover unique insights to accurately personalize hearing care marketing. Data enables us to build the right campaigns for hearing care practices that generate leads, nurture patients, and increase unit sales.   

Powered by Data

BlueWing’s expert Data Science team analyzes current patient data and builds data models to help hearing practices find which prospects have the highest propensity to convert. As well as using the data to accurately send marketing to current patients based on where they are at in their care journey. For example, we can see if a patient needs to come in for a hearing check-up and send a reminder postcard in the mail.

We take a look at first-, second-, and third-party data and have access to national consumer lists (a database consisting of more than 156 million households and 259 million individuals). We also partner with several industry-leading CRMs which enables us to receive up-to-date data from your practice to collect information on patient age, gender, marital status, and more. With all this collected data, we gain a better perspective on patient insights such as demographics, life events, hobbies, behaviors, and more to effectively and efficiently target both current patients and prospects.

Data collected from CRMs help us build data models. One such model we use is a “look-a-like” model. This shows us prospects that have similar characteristics and behaviors to your current patients, making them prime targets for marketing. These are people that could just be starting their hearing care journey, know they need hearing aids but haven’t taken action, or even people who haven’t considered them yet. Whatever the case may be the data supports why they are prime prospects to market to.

Through data, we can understand patients and hypothesize which prospects we need to target next. Upon further analysis and data model takeaways, we get a clear picture of who your patients are, where they are in their hearing care journey, and find your best-suited prospects.

Data Insights for Hearing Patients

As mentioned above, from the data we can learn what the patient's hearing needs are to accurately target them with marketing. We can anticipate their needs based on CRM information which allows us to see what campaigns will make the most sense for each patient and prospect. For example, you may have a patient that visited for their first hearing test. After this appointment, they did not schedule a follow-up or convert. This is where we step in to send personalized marketing based on the data to get them re-engaged. We can send appointment reminders or even marketing that supplies them with hearing aid information to ease their fears.

Sending highly personalized marketing helps take patients down the sales funnel and leads to higher conversion rates. It also nurtures the patient and creates a positive brand interaction. The more personalized, the more engaged the patient will be.

With data insights, we can better understand patients and their needs. We can also paint a picture of “look-a-like” prospects through data modeling to see what commonalities current patients and prospects have. This helps us find patients that have the highest propensity to convert based on commonalities seen. Gaining this takeaway helps us craft a plan to target a whole new pool of potential patients for a hearing practice.

Reach New Patients

While conducting research and analyzing data, we may find prospects and audiences that you have never considered marketing to in the past. For example, maybe your practice has traditionally only taken the approach to market hearing aids to those in their 70’s and up. But upon looking at the data, we may find that you have prospects in their 50’s to 60’s that are in need of hearing care. These may be the adult children that are taking care of their older parents. They may start to experience hearing loss connected to hereditary reasons or display the early stages of tinnitus. Whatever the case may be, you may be losing out on patients if you are stuck on marketing to one group when the data shows otherwise.

Instead, we take this knowledge and build out campaigns that work for each audience. We’ll help you run multiple campaigns to accurately target each audience for their needs. For example, patients that are 70 and up may receive referral incentives, hearing aid maintenance, and upgrade letters, while 50 to 60 prospects will get new patient materials and informational letters to help convert them into loyal repeat patients.

Let BlueWing Build Your Hearing Campaigns

BlueWing has helped hearing care practices bring in leads and nurture loyal patients for over 25 years. Our marketing is backed by robust data and proven campaigns. Let us help you see a rise in patients and hearing aid purchases. Connect with us today.

Written by: Brad Dodson


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