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Four Key Ingredients to Successful Direct Mail

The backbone of BlueWing Hearing Care’s marketing strategy is direct mail. While digital marketing is a given, direct mail is extremely effective in this industry, and creates more conversions than digital alone. Half of people still say they prefer direct mail to email.

But like every campaign, direct mail needs to work for you, not against you. It must be aligned to your goals and budget, and give you a quantifiable return on investment. So don’t waste your money on mediocre direct mail. Use these four key ingredients of successful direct mail campaigns before you begin.

1. The Right Prospects

Your marketing company needs to target the best prospects in your area and have quality data, which is the only thing that can make a quality mailing list. Beyond that, the mailing list needs to be cleaned regularly. Make sure your marketing company is performing in-depth research to understand your market, your current and past patients, and local traffic patterns.

2. The Right Frequency

We know that the journey to purchase a hearing aid is a long (suffering) one. Hearing care providers must reach out to their prospects at the correct and consistent frequency, so that at the time they are ready, the patients will come. If you are not mailing your prospects, your competitor is. BlueWing has a proven, data-based formula regarding when and what to mail your prospects to keep your name at the forefront of their mind.

3. Remember Your Current Patients

Your best prospects have already walked through the door. Direct mail campaigns that communicate and build relationships with one-time-buyers can turn them into life-long patients. Birthday greetings, trade-in events, annual hearing test reminders, and one-on-one communications are some of the tools we use. BlueWing Hearing Care can leverage the power of your existing database to maximize the lifetime value of your patients.

4. Creative & Appealing Aesthetics

Direct mail is unique in that it is a physical piece of paper in a digital age. Prospective patients receive it in the mailbox, hold it in their hand, and ultimately are persuaded or not persuaded by the graphic content. A creative and appealing mailing that complements your existing brand will serve to reinforce your brand trust.

BlueWing is a One-Stop-Shop

Creating and delivering successful direct mail is an art form. Many marketing companies can create striking visuals for your marketing efforts but lack the data to create effective leads. Others can track and time campaigns properly, yet lack industry knowledge of the hearing care industry.

We do it all. Our full-service pricing includes:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Market analysis
  • Creative design of mailings
  • Data cleaning and purchasing
  • Printing and production
  • Postage and shipping
  • Call tracking line and results analysis

For over 25 years BlueWing Hearing Care has provided successful direct mail campaigns for Hearing Care Providers. Our full-service multi-channel marketing solutions perfectly combine experience, technology, and creativity. Make sure your direct mail is creating real results. Partner with BlueWing Hearing Care today to see your bottom line grow.


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