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Direct Mail Design For Your Hearing Care Practice

According to Small Business Trends, 80-90% of all direct mail gets opened. That number far surpasses the number of emails opened, which is roughly 30%. There’s no denying that direct mail is a powerful and successful medium. After all, it accounts for 50% of all U.S. mail and boasts a 29% ROI. And it’s not just baby boomers who are interested in direct mail. Over ten percent of Millennials report that they enjoy getting direct mail. 

Though direct mail is an effective tool in your marketing repertoire, digital marketing has made many advancements. As such, your direct mail needs to be on point in order for your practice to keep up. If you’re wondering how your direct mail can make an impact with your patients, here are some tips.

Choose Your Format

Your direct mail format should be determined first, and while it may seem like a simple thing, it actually requires a bit more thought. Think about your goals for your practice: do you want to increase awareness of your hearing practice? Are you looking to promote your services and offer a discount on your hearing tests? The format of your piece will determine the amount of room you have to feature your message, call to action, along with the number of images or graphics that you feature. The size and format of a piece are equally as important as the content and design. 

Consider Your Content

The right kind of content is succinct yet enticing. It should draw your patient’s attention to your piece and compel them to choose your practice over others. In order to make your content matter, you should make sure it is applicable to your patients. To help with this, consider breaking your content out into easily digestible sections. Add a call to action to urge your patients to do something, like call your practice to schedule a hearing test. Be sure your call to action is time-bound so your patients take action sooner than later. Lastly, make sure your content is error-free, as there’s nothing more embarrassing than sending out a direct mail piece with a spelling error. Not only does this reflect poorly on your team, but it will immediately turn your patients away.

Keep Your Imagery In Mind

The better quality your images are, the more of an impact they will have on your patients. How do you choose the best type of photo? When it comes to using images in your direct mail pieces, keep it simple - you don’t want to send a direct mail piece that is cluttered with images. Think about showing new hearing devices, photos of the practitioners or what a simple test looks like. Use images that don’t have busy backgrounds or a ton of text. Also, your images should be no less than 300 dpi (dots per inch). This will help your images to print at the highest quality and will help your overall piece look professional and crisp.

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