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Benefits of Direct Mail

There are many ways to reach your patients online in this day and age: email, social media, display ads, and more. In spite of this, the data shows that in most cases, direct mail outperforms digital communications. Here are some reasons why direct mail is relevant for your business.

High Open Rates

According to Small Business Trends, 80-90 percent of direct mail gets opened, and only 20-30 percent of email gets opened on a good day. It’s no wonder why businesses are still investing in direct mail marketing. In addition to higher open rates, direct mail also requires less cognitive effort to process than digital mediums – 21%, according to TrueImpact.


Direct mail is also effective because people are used to receiving mail and tend to hold on to pieces they receive. When a mail piece arrives, the recipient has to make a decision on what to do with it, vs. digital media that often is competing for attention amongst other content. Your message is more likely to be seen and processed. This makes it the perfect medium to send patients annual hearing evaluation reminders or new technology announcements.


Direct mail allows you to send personalized communications to your patients. You can tailor your messaging, calls to action, and format to your patient’s preferences. Send hearing test reminders to patients who haven’t had their hearing checked in recent months, or technology upgrade offers to people who’ve been in their hearing aids for over two years.

Easy to Track Results

Tracking direct mail results are easy – with the right reporting, you can track delivery, open rates, and the number of people who take action based on your direct mail. If you’re looking to boost your hearing test appointments, direct mail is a great medium for your practice.

Easy to Integrate

It’s been proven that direct mail performs best when layered with other marketing platforms. According to SDL, 90% of customers want to receive communication from organizations in a multchannel manner. To boost your multichannel approach, feature a link to your website on your direct mail piece. Layer in Facebook advertising or ringless voicemails to people who’ve received your direct mail.  Add your social media links in your email, etc. The more times a person sees and hears your message, the more successful your campaign will be.

It’s Cost – Effective

Direct Mail typically has a lower cost per acquisition. According to Digital Donut, the average cost per acquisition for direct mail is $51, compared to $55 for email marketing. Since more people act on direct mail right away (79%), you can receive a great ROI with your direct mail.

Creative Variety

Though you may think of direct mail as letters, there are a ton of other formats you can use to reach your patients. Use a laminated postcard to notify patients of discounts on hearing air. Remind your patients of the importance of their hearing health with a newsletter.

The flexibility and affordability of this strategy makes this an essential way to communicate with your patients. For more tips like these, contact BlueWing Hearing today.


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