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Are You Making the Most Out of Your CRM?

Make the Most of Your CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software’s can assist hearing practices when it comes to ensuring efficiency in their marketing tactics. These patient data collection tools have the power to accelerate marketing efforts as they capture patient and prospect data which drives targeted marketing. Using CRMs for data-driven marketing helps practices attain more business by attracting new patients and keeping existing ones.

Your practice may have a CRM solution implemented but how do you know if you are using it to its fullest extent? BlueWing Hearing can help you make the most out of your CRM by pairing it with our automated marketing strategies. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your CRM software.

What is a CRM?

According to Salesforce, CRM is a software tool that allows practices to keep track of patient information, appointment or purchase history, progress, preferences, and other information associated with your patients and prospects. All this information is accessible from a central location and can be used toward developing marketing plans that lead to more business, appointments, and hearing aid purchases or maintenance. Some of the top CRMs for hearing care practices and providers are HearForm, TIMS, CounselEar, Sycle, and Blueprint Solutions.

By implementing a CRM, your practice can collect and store patient and prospect information, allowing the data to remain accurate and up to date. The accuracy of patient data is highly important as your practice will want to send communications that are relevant to the patient’s or the prospect’s hearing care journey. Utilizing a CRM for accurate marketing communications will have patients coming back, prospects making their first appointment, and overall will create positive engagement – leaving the patient or prospect feeling recognized by the provider.

The information storage and collection capabilities of CRM’s is great for any practice to have in their back pocket. But this technology will only take you so far, it’s what you do with the information that matters most. Leveraging CRMs with BlueWing’s automated marketing campaigns will help your practice get the most out of the patient and prospect data that you’re already collecting.

Leverage CRM Data with Automated Direct Marketing

Your practice can strengthen both your marketing and patient sales efforts by pairing your CRM with automated direct marketing campaigns. Automation puts your stored data to work to create patient and prospect engagement with the goal of conversion or hearing device purchase. So, how does it work?

Automated marketing campaigns are developed by BlueWing and driven by your up-to-date CRM patient data. Integrating your CRM with BlueWing enables your practice to automate patient communication with no ongoing effort on your end. Instead of letting patient data sit unused in the CRM storage, we can use it to drive timely, revelant marketing for both patient and prospect communications.

Your practice will choose the direct mail campaigns and determine the “trigger” points that tell the automation what to send. “Triggers” are set off by patient actions or behaviors that are indicated in your CRM. For example, when a patient is due for a hearing test, a trigger can be set that alerts the system to print the preselected appointment reminder campaign and send via direct mail. Using your CRM data with automated marketing campaigns helps to easily stay on top of your patient’s progress or prospect’s starting point, interact with them along the way, and remind them what to do next.

BlueWing can help you stay in communication with patients and prospects with relevant marketing based on where they’re at in their care or milestones they reach.

Automate Your Marketing with BlueWing

BlueWing has over 25 years of experience helping hearing care providers and practices drive appointments. We currently partner with CounselEar, Sycle, and Blueprint Solutions CRM software’s but are also able to start an automated campaign for you without a CRM system in place. Contact us to learn more about our unique automated campaigns.

Leverage your CRM data with trigger marketing.

Let us help automate your direct mail campaigns.