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5 Engaging Types of Social Content to Grow Your Practice

5 Engaging Types of Social Content to Grow Your Practice

Utilizing social media for your hearing practice can be a great way of connecting with patients and getting in front of prospects. Social media lets you make long-lasting impressions and communicate your services, educational information, offers, and more. The content you create will determine the engagement you receive. That's why it's important to know what to post and keep up with the latest trends.

So, what type of content will you post? Luckily, we've listed five types of social media content that will inspire your audience and make them more likely to engage with your practice and services.

5 Engagement-Worthy Types of Social Content

Short-Form Video

Short-form videos have taken over the social media world. This is because they are captivating and easy to break down and present information within a minute. As of last year, the average daily social media usage amounted to 147 minutes per day. That's a lot of content. You're facing an audience that is scrolling through a lot of content to find information that gives them instant gratification and entertainment.

Some of the best platforms for short-form videos include TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. A few topics include:

  • Quick hearing care tips.
  • Demonstrating how a hearing aid works.
  • Introductions to your practice's doctors and staff.


Images rank second on the list of the most valuable type of social content and are most frequently posted across social networks. In fact, 61% of consumers find them to be the most engaging type of social content. Static images are popular because consumers would rather visually look at a picture than read thousands of words.

Instagram and Pinterest are prime platform examples where images can be leveraged as they have features like filters, effects, and some editing options. When using images in your social posts, you can snap pictures of your office and satisfied patients and use images to highlight new hearing aid models and technology.

Live Video

Live video allows you to engage with patients in real time. This type of content is very captivating because it will enable instant interaction, unlike leaving a comment and waiting for a response on an image post. Whether you're using it to host a webinar, Q&A, or other virtual events, a live video can help you build a sense of community with your audience, which in turn can help you get more people in the door.

Many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn have live streaming capabilities. Consider using a live stream for the message you want to deliver to patients and prospects. A live stream can be perfect for hosting a Q&A with a hearing care professional or demonstrating how a hearing assessment works to help ease patients' minds before they schedule one.


Audio recordings can also be utilized in social media. In most instances, this type of content is a recorded podcast paired with an image or video in the social post. Podcasts are great for consumers who need something to listen to while driving, working out, cleaning the house, etc. Your audience can easily pop in some headphones and listen to your podcast or other audio recordings while they take care of other tasks.

Some popular podcast platforms are Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Recording a podcast is a wonderful way to showcase your knowledgeable team. Hearing care doctors can join the podcast to discuss hot topics and educational segments. You may even invite guest speakers, such as satisfied patients, to talk about their patient journey. This can be a great way to collect patient testimonials which further help other patients and prospects find the motivation to take the next step in their hearing journey.

Linking to Other Content

Lastly, your practice can leverage linking to other content within your social post. Linking out to landing pages or blog posts gives your audience easy access to the content they are interested in. A link in your post allows you to connect the viewer to more information in a single click.

Linking to other content is easy on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can quickly connect the viewer to the information they need by linking to informative blogs, a list of all your locations, or a contact page to help them schedule an appointment.

See Practice Growth with Engaging Social Content

No matter the social media platform you choose, you'll want to ensure you post content that captures attention and drives interaction. If you need a hearing care partner to help with social media management and guide you on how to craft engaging posts, BlueWing, a Darwill company, is here to help! Contact us for marketing assistance.


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