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3 Main Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

Social media marketing is something that an established business wants to jump into in order to make their brand presence felt. Almost everyone engages on their social media newsfeeds frequently. However finding strategies that work, regularly engaging with your audience, responding to comments, and then tying in a sweet sell somewhere in-between is necessary if you want to be successful in that campaign.

Avoid critical social media mistakes that might risk your business succeeding in your industry. Listed below are the three gravest social media mistakes that you should avoid.


Being Too Social/Spamming

Focus on platforms that are most relevant to your audience and have the best conversions instead of spreading your social presence irritably. You risk annoying potential leads, which is exactly what you do not want. Put yourself in your customer’s place - you wouldn’t want to be spammed either.

Social spamming is sending bulk messages to your audience, spreading malicious links, posting fraudulent reviews, click baiting and likejacking. Doing those things makes you look desperate and most of all, a fraud. It isn’t good for your business’s image or yours.

Not Updating Regularly

Disregarding regular updates for your brand is another mistake you must avoid. Stay active and visible by making regular updates on your page and avoiding automated posting of irrelevant links. To get your audience interested in your business, proactively engage with them.

Consumers expect fast responses from social media's customer service. Do not ignore comments, feedback or reviews, and inquiries. These factors will give you an insight if your business is hitting the benchmark or the contrary.

Not Spending Budget Wisely

Know your targets and which platform most of them engage and what they expect from your brand or service. Identifying your targets will secure your business’s direction. You’ll cut off your budget expenses by managing fewer accounts with more positive leads.

Social media marketing is an affordable platform. However, investing carelessly on it will jeopardize your business.  Even if you focus on paid advertisements but won’t hire an SEO specialist, your audience will still find it hard to look up for your brand over the internet. Therefore, it’s necessary to balance your expenses wisely. Hire a digital marketing expert that'll help improve your campaign and give you a fast return on investment (ROI).

Bear in mind that when it comes to business, you have to hire people or a digital marketing team whom you can trust. If you need more assistance on your campaign for social media marketing, feel free to consult us at (708) 689-3395 or visit us online at BlueWing Hearing Care. Our experts are always eager to provide you assistance and answer your queries.


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