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3,671% Direct Mail ROI

The Challenge:  No Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

  • Company’s direct mail strategy relied heavily on the “spray and pray” method and was reactive, mailing only after phone calls slowed and the schedule emptied
  • Communication with current customers was non-existent
  • Business growth flattened year-over-year

BlueWing’s Solution

  • BlueWing customized a complete, annual direct marketing strategy based on the goals and budget
  • We performed an in-depth analysis of the client’s data file
  • Prioritized communication to current customers for best possible ROI
  • Customers were categorized into segments based on key identifying criteria and BlueWing built the mailing list to those targets
  • Executed the mail plan
  • Tracked and measured results, complete with matchback sales data

The Results

The results shown are reflective of a single campaign from the company’s annual plan.


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