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By christina, 01 Feb

60% of content marketers admit to struggling with writing engaging content (MarketingProfs). If you’re struggling with writing good content to reach your patients, read on for a few tips.

By christina, 18 Jan

According to Accenture, over 68% of people have taken their business elsewhere as a result of poor service. For your practice, losing patients impacts your bottom line. So what can you do to ensure you keep your patients loyal? Boost your patient engagement.

While patient engagement may sound complicated, all it really means is providing them with a wonderful end-to-end experience from multiple touch points to personalized content to quality hearing tests and follow ups. Engaging with your patients doesn’t have to be an exhaustive process. Here are a few tips to get you started.

By christina, 03 Jan

A New Year means new marketing trends. That’s why we’ve put together this list so your hearing aid practices can use these trends to stay ahead of the competition.

Content Themes

In order to rank higher on pages like Google, you’ve got to think of what content themes you want your content to fall under.

Think about how books are arranged, whether in a library or on an online bookstore, they are arranged according to their genre. Or how a magazine divides its sections to different kinds of topics. Start imagining the same thing for your content.

By christina, 18 Dec

So you’re using social media, email marketing, and direct mail to reach out to your patients. But are you using these channels to their maximum advantage? If you’re wondering how to make multichannel marketing work for you, keep reading to maximize your multichannel advantage.

By christina, 02 Dec

A call to action is an essential component of an successful marketing initiative. An effective CTA is concise yet compelling. An example of this is “schedule a hearing test and get 15% off of your selected device. Offer ends Sunday! Act now!” This CTA is attention-grabbing and concise. There are many reasons to use CTAs, but here are the most important ones:

By christina, 15 Nov

Your 2018 Marketing Strategy

According to SailThru, 72% of people say they prefer to connect with brands in a multi-channel manner. Reaching your patients through multiple platforms is essential to patient engagement and retention. Here are some tips to help you maximize your multichannel advantage:

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